We stand for successful innovation. Innovation does not exist without transition. BrightWings not only designs this transition but also guides it for you in order to allow what we refer to as “Experience Innovation”.

Emotional Innovation

Linking adoption and support in the market to the ability of the organization to realise the innovation.

Functional Innovation

Focused on renewing or improving efficiency, adoption and usability of (existing) products and services.

Process Innovation

We use new or existing techniques to optimise the efficiency of your internal processes and organisation.

Experience Innovation

The emotional, functional and process innovation come together here in a successful way, leading to a positive experience among all stakeholders.

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The coordination between the demand in the market and the supply of the organisation determines the success of an innovation. A specific market demand does not necessarily lead to a successful product, just as a new product from an organization does not necessarily lead to a success in the market, such as Google Glass. This intended successor to the Smartphone clearly did not meet customer expectations.

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Use of existing technology. Technical innovations for user-friendliness and adoption for people. The smartphone is a technological innovation that has increased user-friendliness and accessibility through the addition of apps, connectivity using WiFi and Bluetooth.

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By automating the internal processes and pushing them forward as far as possible in the chain, the overall efficiency of the organization is increased and costs are reduced. Consider for example a stock app, where back office applications are directly linked to the front end without the intervention of people or organization.

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The Tesla is a good example of experience innovation through the combination of new technologies such as batteries and apps, consumer expectations, for example, sustainability and internal processes, entirely focused on the experience of the product. These have led to an extremely successful innovation.

Why BrightWings

The world is becoming more connected and more complex. To survive, it is vital for organisations to be inventive and innovate. We have seen firsthand how difficult innovation processes, small or large, can proceed within organizations. This has brought us to the insight that innovation can only be successful through an integrated approach. We integrate Programme management with innovation and take you step by step through the process, from problem identification to embedding. Our service is simple, clear and structured.


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We are an independent agency with enthusiastic people. Together with our client we embark on an adventure with the aim of successful and future-proof innovation. We work from our own vision and approach:

Loyal & Independent

We derive our strength by working unrestrained, off the beaten track. With passion and confidence we create a culture in which the right fundamental and sometimes unconventional solutions are created for our customers and that is how we generate the bolero.

Humor & Structure

Lust for life is inextricably linked with humor. Without that no creativity, enthusiasm and innovation! Order and structure ensure peace, balance and thereby promote creativity and insight. Measurement of performance ensures that we stay on course.

Sporty & Progression

We have stamina, the energy and we always work from the team’s point of view. We keep an eye on our ‘stopwatch’ to make sure that progress is being made. Results and progression bind people and we want them to be proud and confident, and feel the trust that they are achieving their goals. This creates energy. 

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How we work

For us, innovation is always a cyclical process that runs from creation, implementation and capitalisation to the next renewal. By further subdividing these three main stages, we align with the innovation process of your organization, regardless of where you are at that moment.

We design and guide innovation where people, technology and organisation come together in optima forma. By linking these dimensions to eight sub-stages of the cyclical process, we give our customers a clear and integral picture of their current status and innovative capacity. We translate this into a Programme plan in which all elements of the change are brought together. This way we prevent premature failures for you and together with you we ensure a more efficient and effective implementation of your programs and projects. Our involvement provides you with tools and direction for your innovation process so that you can focus on success consciously.

Our services

The aim of our services is to effectively bring innovations to organisations. That is why we have developed services based on experience that cover all aspects of transformative change, such as leadership development, the change plan and benefits management.

Inspire & Reflect

Every innovation or renewal and the success of this stands or falls with beliefs. Together with you, we build faith and strength in your own abilities and thereby lay the foundation for your sustainable success. Innovation requires courage, guts, daring and making mistakes.


Programme Management

By definition, innovations are characterised by uncertainty about the outcome and benefits. The instrumental side of Programme Management minimises the uncertainties and risks for you and therefore we offer this to enable your successful innovation.


Change Management

Innovation is inextricably linked to change, acceptance and assurance in line with your organisation: the recording of processes, desired skills, clear objectives and working methods. This contributes to embedding the desired benefits and change in your organization.


Management Guidance

Successful innovation sometimes means acting contrary: the standard rhythm of the organisation clashes with the dynamics of change. We help with creating understanding and change skills of your management in order to achieve the objectives set with their teams.

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By asking provocative questions, sharing experiences and holding up a mirror, we make people in your organisation aware of their abilities but also of their obstructing beliefs. As a result, we create the climate in which space is provided for creativity and a mindset in which improvement and development are paramount.

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The form and final outcome of your program will gradually crystallise. Methodologies such as MSP, Design Thinking and Lean are indispensable, but leadership, conviction and organisational empathy are just as important. As experienced programme managers, we endorse this and ensure the successful outcome of your programmes. In addition, we monitor the innovation process – from the creation phase, implementation up to and including capitalisation – and ensure quality and assurance, taking into account the programme requirements.

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This means getting used to other processes, rules and methods. We support you in drafting, understanding and learning to apply the desired changes in the line, so that embedding is automatically organized at the right level in the organisation. By drawing up a skills matrix, for example, we also help to map the current and desired skills for your people, so that aligned training can be set up.

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Questions about behavior, cooperation and skills play a role. We support supervisors in teaching the required skills through training and dealing with the resistance of their employees.

The team

BrightWings was founded by Nick Lakenman and Marina Bosman with the idea of connecting innovation and programme management in a new way. To develop and implement all facets of innovation, we have brought together like-minded professionals in a network. So that we can support you in all facets.

Nick Lakenman


I connect content, vision and empathy and thereby create commitment and trust. Renewing from structure and method, and again translate that into practice.

With a background in international line and programme management, I have the knowledge and experience to bring the right balance within your organization between efficiency, effectiveness, people and technology. This makes your organization more flexible and innovative.

Marina Bosman


My connective capacity guarantees trust, commitment and leadership. A conceptual thinker, analytical but also practical in the implementation!

With over 20 years of international project, change and programme management experience at port companies, dairy cooperatives and family companies, I bring experience to create vision and cooperation, and embed change in your organization as well.


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